What makes Membar so special?

Peripheral Vision

Use the Membar to regularly excercise your peripheral vision

Acetylcholine Production

Visual memories aquired through peripheral vision stimulate acetylcholine production in the brain

Dual Memory Encoding

Memories formed via peripheral vision are stored seperately to memories formed via central vision. The memory is therefore encoded twice, strengthening the memory and enhancing recall

Looped Repetition

Information is looped and captured by peripheral vision numerous times over the course of a day, using the proven method of repetition to encode the memory

Study when you're too busy to study

Let your peripheral vision earn it's keep!
Learn languages faster and build stronger memories

The membar software was originally developed as a tool to assist with language learning, but it can also be used to memorize important information or anything else you need to recall. Simply load a text file into the membar, and it will loop continuously at the top (or bottom) or your screen. Your peripheral vision will capture the information and encode the memory, without you even knowing it. As your peripheral vision strengthens over time, you will encode more information, and whenever you look directly at the Membar you will also encode the same piece of information in a different part of your brain. Welcome to the power of Dual Memory Encoding!


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