Hello world!

I was struggling to think of an opening blog title that would better the one offered by default, so decided to go with the classic “Hello World!”

My name is Jeff Powell, and I’m based in the UK. I am absolutely delighted to be launching my new product Membar 🙂

I’ve been studying German for a while now, and the Membar software is actually something I use myself daily. I find that it really does help me commit difficult words to memory, and hopefully there are many others out there who will find it helps them too.

Whilst this blog will focus heavily on language learning (the primary reason for developing Membar in the first place) I will also touch upon other great uses for the software. For example, a friend mentioned that they had been using membar to commit UK stopping distances to memory for their Theory Driving test. People who love pub quizzes can also use Membar to commit interesting (or not so interesting!) facts to memory. There are almost limitless use-cases, and I’d love to hear some of them from customers, no matter how strange or abstract 🙂

I’ll also be using the blog to talk about other things that may or may not interest me….feel free to skip these parts where appropriate… or just update people I know on my progress.

Anyhow, I’ll keep this posting short and sweet… please feel free to email me or contact me via social media with anything you like.


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