frequently asked questions and answers


Why am I seeing strange characters displayed on the membar?

Please ensure the text file you have created has been saved in Unicode format

I seem to be missing certain word pairs on the Membar?

Check the text file contains the colon (:) on the line, and that the end of line does not contain a # symbol

How many words can I expect to learn?

It really depends on the individual and the strength of your peripheral vision. Your peripheral vision needs to strengthen over time in order to process and encode the visual information carried to the brain. Everybody is different. With regular daily usage, we would expect you to be able to process 20-30 new word pairs per day, after one months usage of the Membar. Of course, this may differ from person to person.

The bar is just a blur when I don’t focus on it. How is this helping me?

This is most likely due to your poor peripheral vision. It is something you have probably not exercised regularly for a long time. As with anything, you need to practice regularly and build up your peripheral vision.

Why is the Membar blank?

Please ensure you have loaded a valid Membar text file into the software. If you are pointing to an Internet-based URL, then please ensure you have a working internet connection and that the URL you are pointing to is valid

Can I run it on the bottom of the screen?

Of course! Simply switch the positioning in the settings

Can I hide text?

Yes, you can hide either Text A (Left side of the colon) or Text B (right side of the colon) according to your preferences. This is particularly useful if you want to test yourself to see what you have encoded to memory.

Can I customize the bar?

Yes, you can control the font type, size, colors, and the level of transparency. Open the Membar settings to customize.

Can I slow down / speed up the bar?

Yes, you can do this in the Membar settings

How do I make my own Membar files?

Visit our files page for more details:

How can I remove some word pairs?

Simply click on the word pair you wish to remove, and choose to either remove temporarily (for the current session) or Permanently. If you choose to remove the word permanently, the software will add a # symbol to the line of text in the file for the word pair you wish to remove. This is reversible, by simply opening the text file, and removing the # symbol and re-saving the file.