Membar Files

There are numerous text files available to load into the Membar available on our website. You may also find suitable text files to load from other Internet sources. At some stage you will probably want to create your own custom files.

This is incredibly simple to do. You can create text files from scratch, or simply amend other files. If you decide to work with your own files, please remember to save in Unicode format to be able to see all the special characters such as Ç Ä Ö Ë ß, etc. when viewing on the Membar.


Membar Syntax

It is important to use the correct syntax for the Membar to understand your file. Each line in your text file needs to include a colon : and this is generally used to separate one language from another.
So for example:

One : Eins

This tells the Membar that the text to the left of the colon (in this case “One”) is Text A, and the text to the right of the Membar (“Eins”) is Text B.

This allows you to differentiate the colours between the two words. This is not of course limited to Languages. You can use the Membar to memorise anything you want.

For example:
France : Paris
Italy : Rome
United Kingdom : London
Spain: Madrid

Or perhaps a numbered list of information:
1 : Hydrogen
2 : Helium
3 : Lithium

Or perhaps key dates:
1776 : US Declaration of Independence
1815 : Battle of Waterloo
1939-1945 : World War II
July 20, 1969 : Neil Armstrong Moon Landing


If you want to add some information into the text file (for personal reference) but do not want the Membar to display the text, simply ensure that the line of text does not contain a colon in the line of text. If for whatever reason the line must include a colon, but you still do not want to display the line, then simply add a # to the end of the line.

The same applies to lines which you may want to remove from the Membar. Perhaps you are memorizing a list of Capital Cities, and you simply do not need to keep viewing some of them, as you know them well enough that you will never forget them, and you wish to focus more on the ones you do not know, then simply add the # to the lines you do not wish to display on the Membar.

For example:
France : Paris#
Italy : Rome
United Kingdom : London#
Spain: Madrid

In this example, the Membar will skip the lines for Paris and London.

If you change your mind, simply delete the # from the line, and refresh the Membar, and the Membar will add the lines back in. Simple!
The Membar will display local text files stored on your PC, or you can point the Membar to a text file online (Internet connection is of course required)
For example, to view the file on common German adjectives, simply copy the following complete path into the Membar.

(Please note that you can only edit these files if you save them locally, by saving them to your PC)


To access the list of files available on our website, please visit this directory link: File Directory